Articles and Opinions

The CDC Slashed the COVID-19 Fatality Rate to a Fraction of Earlier Estimate Used to Justify Lockdowns

Do Lockdowns Work? Mounting Evidence Says No

‘Social Distancing’ is Snake Oil, Not Science

CDC confirms remarkably low coronavirus data. Where is the media?

We now know far more about Covid19 – the Lockdown should end. Well written article goes over the numbers and ridiculous official responses.

Lokin-20 The Lockdown Regime Causes Increasing Health Concerns

Coronavirus Lockdown and What You Are Not Being Told – Part 2

Why Sweden Has Already Won the Debate on COVID ‘Lockdown’ Policy

How to Think Post Planet Lockdown The times call for acting as poets instead of politicians – By Pepe Escobar

Land of the Free? Home of the Brave?

Virus of Mass Destruction – By C.J. Hopkins

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